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Amzad- (guest from Mumbai, Mah, India) 07/18/2012 08:51:19 AM


I would like to share my B1 visa experience at US Consulate, Mumbai. This may be helpful for those who follow this web site (since I took good tips from here).

VO: Good Morning Sir
Me: Good Morning Sir (I wondered and stood in attention mode…)

VO: Can I have your Passport and Visa application?
Me: Sure.. (and handed over to him)

VO: Which company you work for?
Me: Told him the company name

VO: What you are and since how long you are associated with this company?
Me: I am Sr. SE and working since 6 months

VO: What is your annual income?
Me: I told my CTC per annum

VO: Did you bring any salary documents?
Me: (I was little confused which one I should show him… either bank statement or pay slips) Said yes and opened up my folder… to show him the payslips

VO: Can I have them?
Me: Sure.. (gave him the 3 latest payslips)

VO: Looking at my pay slips and thrown another question to me – Are you married?
Me: Yes…

VO: Do you have any kids?
Me: Yes.. 2 Kids…

VO: Why do you like to travel to US?
Me: For Knowledge transfer and Training

VO: What kind of project it is?
Me: Its a new project kicked off.. I need to interact with many stake holders at client place.. hence need to travel… (Not sure whether my answer is relevant)

VO: Returning back my payslips to me and asked what is your take home salary?
Me: Told the amount i am taking home

VO: Where is tax component in payslip?
Me: I tried to put my finger, but the mirror doesnt allow me… just smiled… and said TDS is the tax component..

VO: He smiled and said that we are issuing the VISA to you and it will be couriered.. you will receive it in a week’s time.
Me: I said thank you and smiled and came out…

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