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Shekar Pippiri- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 07/18/2012 09:45:20 AM

I attended B1 VISA interview at Mumbai US Consulate on 16th July 9.45am at counter no 16.

Me: Good Morning Officer (with smile)
VO: Smile and passport please

VO: How long have been with this company
Me: I have been working since 5 months

VO: What is your previous experience?
Me: Explained about my previous experience and about companies.

VO: Searching in the computer
VO: What is the purpose?
Me: I have been invited by my client to participate in KT and Training on business domain

VO: is your company Head Quarters in Atlanta?
Me: No, it is my client’s Head Quarters

VO: What is the relationship between your company and client?
Me: explained relationship and told we are providing the solutions from offshore team

VO: you have UK tier 1 visa, did u travel over there?
Me: I didn’t travel due to some reasons… [:)]

VO: will you be doing any productive work at client place?
Me: No, I am planning to go for only KT and Training

Golden words

VO: your visa approved and will get it in a week time, “Next”
Me: Thank you

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