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Anoop Trivedi- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 06/28/2012 01:24:33 AM

Hi Today I have attended B1 visa interview at Mumbai in 8:30 slot, my interview went very smoothly on counter 24 with very young and preety lady counslate. I was well dressed with formal shirt and pant alongwith tie and compnay I card..!!

Greet CO with smily face..!!
VO : Which cmpy u r working?
VO: How many peoples working there?
VO: Purpose
Ans: Explained in single line
VO: Have u ever tried earlier for US visa
Ans: No
VO: have u before travelled any other country
Ans: No

Now golden words, you will get ur passport by post.

My Take keep eye contact, ans point to point, more important i guess ur dress..!!

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