USA Visa questions for b1b2 to a divorced mother


Client Profile: Accounts Manager in an automobile retail company since 2010 and daughter has just appeared for 10th Std exam.
Appointment Date : Mar 2015
Medium : English

SP : Good Morning Ma’m.
VO : GM. May I have your passports please ?
S & S hand over their respective passports.

VO : Why are you going to the US ?
SP : As per AVS training

VO : Where do you work ?
SP : I work with xyz – an Automobile Retail Company as an Accounts Manager since 2010. (As per AVS training)
VO : What does your husband do ?
SP : As Per AVS Training

VO : Is she your daughter ? (points out)
SP : Yes.

VO : So what are you doing ?
Sh : I am Sorry …. Could you please repeat your question? (Couldn’t hear properly) as she was standing a little far away from her mother.

VO : What are you doing ?
Sh : I have just appeared for my Tenth Board Exams.

VO : When are you expecting the results ?
Sh : Somewhere in Mid-May.

VO : All the Best !
Sh : Thank you so much.

VO : Your Visa has been approved. You can collect your passports within 2-3 working days.
SP & Sh : Thank you Ma’m.

AVS Comments: USA visa application of mother and daughter approved !

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