US visitor visa for two times rejected parents

Client profile: A family of 3 consisting of father, mother and daughter aged 23/24 years. The parents have been rejected two times and the daughter One time.  (once in English and once in Gujarati )
The primary applicant is a Vice president in a Pvt. Ltd Company. The wife though a homemaker had properties and share trading a/c in her name.

Appointment Date :  May 2015
Medium : English

H,N & N : Good Morning Ma’m !
VO : Good Morning !
Your Passports please.

VO : So why are you going to USA ? All of you please stand close to each other (gestures)as she thought there was inaudibility and anyone can answer.
H : The purpose is tourism. It has been a long ..(As per AVS training)

VO : What does your son do ?
H : He is working in the USA.

VO : Is he on F1 or H1B ?
H : He is on H1B and working for XYZ Company.

VO : How many days do you intend to stay ?
Nirali : Not more than 3 weeks.
VO : You can go to USA.

H :  (profusely) Thank you Ma’m ! Thank you so much ! Thank you.

Their daughter thanked the officer and dragged him out of the counter.
The officer was smiling ……….