US visitor visa for two times rejected parents


Client profile: A family of 3 consisting of father, mother and daughter aged 23/24 years. The parents have been rejected two times and the daughter One time.  (once in English and once in Gujarati )
The primary applicant is a Vice president in a Pvt. Ltd Company. The wife though a homemaker had properties and share trading a/c in her name.

Appointment Date :  May 2015
Medium : English

H,N & N : Good Morning Ma’m !
VO : Good Morning !
Your Passports please.

VO : So why are you going to USA ? All of you please stand close to each other (gestures)as she thought there was inaudibility and anyone can answer.
H : The purpose is tourism. It has been a long ..(As per AVS training)

VO : What does your son do ?
H : He is working in the USA.

VO : Is he on F1 or H1B ?
H : He is on H1B and working for XYZ Company.

VO : How many days do you intend to stay ?
Nirali : Not more than 3 weeks.
VO : You can go to USA.

H :  (profusely) Thank you Ma’m ! Thank you so much ! Thank you.

Their daughter thanked the officer and dragged him out of the counter.
The officer was smiling ……….


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Once your US visa is rejected, your chances of getting the US Visa approved reduces. It is best to get professional help to make sure you are giving your best the FIRST time !

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