Successful visa interview example

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This website was very useful and helped me in the preparation of documents and interview.

Interview was scheduled on June 03, 2010 at 9:30 AM at Mumbai Consulate. I am required to attend a training in the US.

At the time of the interview. Entered and greeted the VO.

Me: Good morning Mam (With a smile)
VO: Good morning. How are you doing? (Returned smile)
Me: I am Fine, Thank you. Hope you are doing well too.

VO: Okay. So what is the purpose of your visit?
Me: To attend training on ———– for knowledge transfer.

VO: What organization are you working for?
Me: —– Pvt. Ltd.

VO: What is your role at the organization?
Me: Working as —–. Main duties include ——.

VO: What is this training all about?
Me: The training is on ——-

VO: Your visa is issued and you will receive it in 2 days.
Me: Thank you Mam. Have a nice day.

I received my passport with the Visa stamped on June 5, 2010.

Tips: Just answer the questions clearly and confidently.

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