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Pavan Tipparaju ()  06/12/2010 13:10:45 PM

I wanted to share my experience with future B1 visa aspirants.
To start with reading earlier inputs in this forum has helped me a lot to know what is required to get the visa.
My appointment was scheduled on June 9th 8 AM. I reached the consulate by 7 AM but of no use as the local police didnt even allow me to stand near the gate till 7:45 AM. I went inside and gave the application, CEAC letter and Passport to the first level security guy.
Then went further inside and they gave me a tray to put all my belongings in that for scanning. They will check each and everything.
Then went further inside to pay the fee (revised 9$)
Then the admin personnel checks the appointment letter, CEAC acknowledgement letter with bar code, HERE the learning is that you need get a print from LASER printer and no ordinary printers, mine was on a normal printer and they could not OR the laser gun didn’t read the bar cod properly. So better take this letter on a LASER printer. So i went out and got a new document printed on a laser printer, i was worried as they might not allow me to get in again as I already gone thru all security measures. Thankfully the admin lady told me that i am allowed inside again and gave me a reentry letter. So i went out and searched for a nearly internet center. Thanks that I found one quickly as you know the business hours for most centers are from 9 AM.
Came back to consulate by 8:45 AM. They allowed me inside and again all security steps from scratch.
Then i finally got the bar code read and then they asked me to get a token number for counter vacancy and wait in the hall. NOW this is the last minute before you see a Visa officer. Here people look worried, scared, tensed, sweating etc., as you know its abvious.
my token number was C23, finally my number was announced and i had to go to Counter no 10
Visa officer greeted me, i replied and then he asked me few questions
1) nature of your work
2) your clients
3) work you do for your clients
4) your annual salary

Read this carefully: He asked me no paper work, no invitation letter, absolutely nothing. Just eh CEAC document, visa interview letter and passport.I was totally surprised here.
That is it, I heard from VO that my visa has been approved and I will receive the passport in 2 days time.
I thanked him and returned out. When i received my visa, i saw that it was Multiple Entry for 10 years. So am so happy.
One thing that i learnt is with confidence and the will to achieve it, you can get it without too much of worry. one more thing I dressed up well, with a tie thought its not a regular need in most offices, yet i told myself that am applying for a B1 visa, and i should look like am goign for serious business, with the kind of confidience and body language what one Executive should have, so just the same i was and i got it. All this wouldnt have been possible without this forum

Thank you

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