US Visa application of Mr Bose & Family

US Visa Application Date: July 2014
Category: B1/B2
Language English
Result: US Visa Approved


Senior Government officer of BSNL wanted to assist his son (who got the Students Visa from AVS) to shift to USA.
Wife provides private education to students.

Questions Asked:

1. What is the purpose of your visit?
A: As per AVS training.

2. What is your annual income?
A: As directed by AVS

3. When did your son get the VISA ?
A: Last month

4. to Wife: What do you do?
A: As per AVS training

VO: Congratulations, your Visa has been approved.


Client’s Feedback:

Very cooperative & preparing the documents systematically & professionally.The financial documents are prepared excellently.They are easily approachable & very positive response.

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