Dhananjay Lele with Family


Type of Visa: Tourist
Number of People: Husband, Wife and Two Kids
Language of Visa Interview: Marathi
Consulate: Mumbai
Date: 07th May 2014

Questions Asked:

When we went to the window of the counselor, he though we were giving interview in Gujarati, and started asking questions in Gujarati. We corrected them and requested to continue in Marathi.

VO: What do you do in India ?

Answer: Pharmaceutical Business


VO: To my 21 year old son : What do you do ?
Answer: BCom Final year


VO: To my 13 year old Daughter: What do you do ?
Answer: Appeared in 9th class


VO: Purpose of Visit?
Answer: Tourism & Site Seeing

VO: Do you have any relatives there ?
Answer: Brother in Law

VO: Name of Brother in Law?
Answer: xyz

VO: Profession of Brother in Law?
Answer: Software Engineer

VO: How long do you intend to stay?
Answer: Maximum 2 months.

Thank you ..your visa has been accepted. you will receive your VISA in 2 to 3 working Days !!

Thank you Allied Visa Services for preparing us for the interview so well that we could get though without any problems.. We really appreciate your effort and will definitely suggest Any and Every One to go through you !!


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