S. Haripuram

I was applying for my H1B interview in February 2014 at Hyderabad Consulate. My husband was already in USA on h1b and i had to ensure that i get my h1b stamping. I found Allied Visa Services via the internet and they helped my with all my questions initially for free.. Also after a little charge they prepared me step by step of the questions that were going to be asked.

After taking their sessions over the telephone and video conferencing i was very confident on my Visa interview day. The questions asked were exactly as expected and i had no problem in answering them..and i got my VISA !! 🙂

Thank you AVS for training me and removing the fear of answering questions. !

Category: H1
Gender: Female
Religion: Hindu-Telugu
Profession: Software Programmer
Age: 30
Married: Yes
Applied with Family: NO

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