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Sriram Anil- ()      02/03/2011 06:19:47 AM

Hi Friends,
Today I have attended B1 VISA Interview with Mumbai Consulate. I would like to share my experience with you all.

Interview went like this:

VO: Hello
Me: Hi.. Good Afternoon. How are you doing today?

VO: Great. How about you?
Me: Good. Thanks.

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: Explained the purpose of my visit. In my case, to get knowledge on our client’s existing business.

VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: No.

VO: You have H1B VISA with you. Why didn’t you travel?
Me: I was already having a H1B VISA which is expiring this september. But as my project was kept on hold, I didnt go there. I explained the same to the VO. He stressed couple of times and took some time to check the things about the client of H1B VISA.

VO: So who is ur client now?
Me: Told my client name.

VO: For which company are you working currently?
Me: Told about my current company. He has keenly observed my company ID card which I had it visible to him.

VO: How long were you been with your current company?
Me: 2 Months I replied

VO: How long are you going to stay in US?
Me: 12 Weeks

VO: 12 weeks… Too long for Knowledge Transfer. Why do you need that much time?
Me: I have to discuss with the business users and understand the existing process. It might take series of meetings for me to understand the process. For that I need this much time.

VO: Whats your client? Repeat Question…
Me: I told the name once again. I think he is checking the client website in his computer.

Finally, the VO said “Ok Sir. Your VISA has been approved. You will receive your passport and VISA in a week time. Enjoy the day sir.”

Thanks much. Have a good day. Bye…

Please make a note of all the things in your mind before facing the interview. Who and all got stamped previously, pls recollect those things even…

I wish you all the success for all the aspirants.

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