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I had my B1 visa interview scheduled today at 9:30am at Mumbai  US consulate. I went a bit early and had to wait for 15-20mins before I got into the consulate. Most of the initial procedure at the consulate has been covered quite substantially in this forum. Skipping to the interview.

VO:Hi How are you?
Me: Good Morning Mam’. Doing good, thanks. How about yourself?

VO:Good thanks
<She is busy typing something on her computer>

VO:Whats your purpose of visit?
Me:Marketing discussions with my US team.

VO:Whose your client?
Me:<My visit was internal my org and not a client visit> Its internal xxx division in my org.

VO: Ok. Whats your designation?
Me: <Told her>

VO: Which countries had you visited earlier?
Me: <Told all the names and saw her nodding her head looking at the computer>

VO: Whats your Annual salary?
Me. xx lakhs in indian rupees.

VO: Ok sir your visa is approved. You would be getting it in a week’s time. bye
Me: Thanks. Have a good day

Guys/Gals let me tell you dress well, be confident. My US student visa had been rejected 10 years ago and I had disclosed in detail during filling the application form. Be truthful, be confident.They don’t know more information than you have already disclosed. So All the best


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