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Jagan- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 10/03/2011 01:08:09 AM


My interview is on today and it is scheduled @ 7:45 AM. I stayed in hotel just opposite to US Consulate it took hardly 2-3 min to reach.

Left hotel @ 7 AM by the time when i reached US consulate peoples where standing in the queue. so asked with security and joined in the appropriate Q.

Provided my DS-160 confirmation page and passport in the security counter to get it sealed and then went for check-ups. Next went to another counter where i showed my visa receipt including my DS-160 confirmation page and interview confirmation letter. The officer took the barcode sticker from hdfc blue receipt and pasted in the passport and proceed to next counter for finger print.

In another counter they took my finger print and proceed to go to next building. There only the interview was help. I am the first person being interviewed from my batch….here is the conversation

Consulate : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning Madam
Con : Why you want to go US
Me : Going for an technical training and knowledge transfer
Con : How many days you are going ?
Me : For 2-3 weeks
Con : Which company you are working for
Me : Said xx company for yy client
Con : how long u have been working here
Me : xxx months
Con : What is your total exp
Me : around 4 yrs of exp
Con : Which place your going?
Me : zzz place
Con : Are you married?
Me No
Con : Whats your salary?
Me : xx LPA in INR

Thats it , she said your visa will be sent through courier and it will reach within 2-3 weeks of time

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