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ABC- (guest) 10/08/2011 16:05:10 PM

My Visa was rejected six months back, but I had not been provided any reasons for same.

My exp this time :
Me: Very Good morning sir: he was kind of busy to look over his system.
VO: Good morning sir.
VO: What is yr purpose of visit?
Me: TO attend a training, then one more crisp line about training;
VO: How Long would be the training ?
ME: 2 months, I have training schedule with me, that describe my day 2 day plan of training. Would you like to see that ?
VO: Ya sure
ME: Handed over the TS , he looked over it for 10-15 secs.
VO: Are you going to do any productive work over there ?
Me: No, not at all. I will come back to India after the training and will start using the knowledge gained during the training.
VO: Are you married?
ME: No, but planning to.
VO: Do u own any properties ?
ME: No, but my mom owns at my native place.
VO:What is yr annual salary ?
ME: XXXXXX in local currency
VO: How long have u been working with the current firm ?
ME: I have been working with current firm from past 11 Months but my total professional experience is 3 years.
VO: Have you ever applied for any other country’s visa ?
VO: Congratulation your visa has been approved!!! but make sure you r not gonna do any kind of productive work over there.
ME: Thank you very much sir. Sure, I am not going to do any productive work over there.
VO: You will get your passport within 3-4 days Have a nice trip.
Me: Thank you, Good day sir.

MY advise:
If you wear a spectacle, then you could use your photo without spectacle. Sometimes when you take photo with spectacle , the spectacle edges may hinder yr eye views, in that case you will require to take a photo at consulate office, that would delay yr interview by approx half an hour.
Dress formal and neat.
Maintain eye contact, talk confidently. Don’t disappoint even if u get rejected.

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