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Lalita Patil- (guest from MUM, MH, IN) 10/14/2011 00:16:36 AM

I got my B1 visa approved today i.e; 14/10/2011

Following questions were asked to me by the VO

Me: Good afternoon madam, how are you?
VO: Good afternoon, I am fine thanks. How about you?
Me: I am doing good thanks.
VO: Purpose of visit to US?
Me: For attending training and series of meetings.
VO: What kind of training and how many meetings?
Me: Explained her about my training schedule in short and told her that I will be attending 5-6 meetings.
VO: She kept silent for aroung 30 seconds typed something in her computer and then said you are going to US for 4 weeks, don’t you think it a long time for training
Me: This was a tricky situation and I have to convinced her that my training will be really requiring a span of 4 weeks. So I explained her about the technical difficulties which we might faced during our training and it will take time to troubleshot the problems [All this explanation was in short]
VO; Are you going to do any productive work in US?
Me: No, I will be going to US just for training purpose and after coming back to India I will be training my team.
VO: Now it was a time for which I was waiting and golden words from VO are repeated for me……Your visa is approved, your passport will be couriered to you within 2 days.
Me: Thanks a lot madam

1. When you entered for the interview, always greet the VO with a smile
2. Arrange all your documents properly. Though I was not asked for any documents in fact most of the guys were not asked. But on few counters VO was asking for some documents and those who have not arranged them properly where finding it difficult to reach the required documents.
3. Answer to the point, don’t be more elaborative and don’t cook the stories
4. Be confident and have a eye contact with the VO while your interview is going.

All the best for the future aspirants!!

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