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Saran- (guest) 10/18/2011 09:01:54 AM

Ihave attended the visa interview 17.10.2011 at 9.15 am in mumbai. Our conversation
lasted for about 5 minutes and all the questions were as expected and
Ihave answered them positively and confidently without any hitch.

Below are the Q & A from my interview.

The Embassy personal denied my visa for the below reason: You cant
convince your visa officer

Me: good morning how are you.
VO: good morning.

VO:Have you been to US previously?
ME: No

VO:Who is your client & whom u r work?
ME: ******* company and ******* is the client ( he typed something in his
computer and waited for 1 minutes.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit to US?
ME: To Attend Series of Training( shown the Training Plan)

VO: What is your annual income?
ME: ******** INR

VO: What are you? What is the nature of your job?
ME: I am a PG in *******. I am Leading a Team here in
( and explain about our Project / work etc.,)
(He typed something in his system vigorously and said You can’t
convince your visa officer )
ME: Thank you sir.

He gave me a 214 (b).

I am going to Re- apply again on 24.10.2011 can i get the visa by this time.
I am going to get a letter from a senator in US weather it will work please help me.
kindly advice
thanks in advance.

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