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Biswanath- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Thanks to this website and all the contributors in this forum.

With the new non-immigrant visa process, I went through two appointment process
OFC appointmentt @Mumbai VFS on Oct1, 2012
Consulate interview @Mumbai US Consulate on Oct 9, 2012

OFC Experience at Mumbai
– Went to the place 1 hr before my scheduled appointment (@9.00 am), the security personnel allowed me and others 30 mins prior to enter the building. One had to go to the first floor. There was only 1 queue. After sometime the VFS representative came and called out names according to their list and rearranged the line (so i guess it doesnt matter to be first come first serve). The queue was in dimly lit lift lobby with no A/C , so quite uncomfortable time. Once you enter through the door, the security guard frisks you and request to hand over the appointment letter, passport, and DS-160 confirmation. 2 VFS representative meanwhile makes necessary checks and puts a barcode sticker at the back of your passport bearing the DS-160 confirmation number and you will be given a paper token with a serial number on it. You have to enter into another room, where you will again hand over your clipped passport, appointment letter, and DS-160, the VFS representatives checks for your passport number and appointment time in their list and asks you to take a seat to await your turn. The room has lots of counters/windows where applicants are called for photo snaps and biometrics. You will called by your token number at one of those counters/windows. The VFS representative in the counter that I went asked for my papers again, checked them in her PC, asked me my date of birth, then asked me to pose for the photo and to place my hand for finger biometric sampling. I saw quite a lot of people struggle to make the desired posture for an appropiate photo, several attempts are are made to take the suitable photo. Once done you are free to leave, but VFS folks will ask to provide you with your feedback of the entire experience. Oh! i forgot VFS representative in that room also hands you one form in case if you want your docs to be directly couriered to your desired address. The filled out form needs to be submitted at the consulate office though. The entire process depends on the number of applicants for that time slot, but should ideally get over in 1.5 hrs

Consulate Office experience: Several checkpoints for frisking and appointment letter time verification is done. Inside bank fee receipts, passport, ds-160, appointment letter are checked and scanned and token with serial number will be issued. In another counter once gain your finger impressions are taken (or matched) and you will be asked to go to another building. Await your turn with the token number you have , the TV display will help you to understand which counter you need to go.
My interview questions:
VO: Good morning, how are you?
me: good morning, i am doing good, thanks foe asking! how about you ?
VO: Me good too
VO: Which company you work for
me: xyz
VO: what do do there?
me: told my designation and a brief account about my job
VO: How long will you be there in US?
me: 7 days.
VO: You are good to go, you will receive your passport in a weeks time.

My tip: Stay calm and focused, don’t fret, be polite to the VO with your replies.
Wish all the applicants good luck with your interview.

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