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Ranveer Singh- (guest from mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 10/12/2012 04:49:15 AM

Hello! Guys,

The New Visa application process is even new for the people dealing with it.
It’s so new that, even the people at OFC Centre are not clear about some proceedings.
I mean here that, even they are learning the process.

On trying to get information from the 24×7 IVR helpline . The Customer Support Executive also doesn’t know much. To every Question asked he/she says, ” Sir! May i put your call On hold?”

I applied for b1 Visa Renewal On 9th Oct. 2012 and
Now [i.e. 12th Oct. 2012] my passport status show is ” Your passport is in transit to the Post”
This is very BAD of OFC mumbai. It’s been more than 3 working days and still it has not reached the US Consulate.

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