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mohit kumar 08/09/2013 04:22:36 AM

Dear sir,

I am Mohit Kumar, i have given the Visa interview for attending the Mozilla Summit For 3 Days from 4-6 october.all my friends has got the visa not me
it was on 29/july/2013.
The Visa Consular gave me 214(b) refusal.

visa consular:why mozilla has selected you ?
my answer: because i am open source contributer. i used to oraginse
the mozilla events for promoting the internet and Mozilla.

second question was :

visa consular: She ask me about the mozilla fare ?
my answer was mozilla will pay all the fare.

visa consular:where u will working and how much salar you’ll get ?
my answer: I am lecturer in Computer science department of desh bahgat
University and my salary is 13000 INR. but i have told her that salary
donot play any role because mozilla will take care all the expenses.

then Visa Consular gave me 214(b) refusal.

plaese help me.

When I will apply agian . because the summit is begin in October .

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