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kapilkumar 08/15/2013 06:45:23 AM


I first applied back in 2003 for a visitor visa and i was refused. I was not well prepared , too young and actually didnt had any fair motive to visit.

Next i applied in 2008 for a B1 , which was refused because i was not able to establish my ownership in the company which was run by me , but actually owned by my sibling. Also i was single that time , but now i have a wife and child.

I applied a afresh and was interviewed yesterday ie. 14th aug 2013 :

After the ofc , fingerprints and photos etc. i went to the new delhi embassy and as i crossed barriers and queues i was getting more nervous , but once i reached the lobby area and saw ongoing interviews i started to calm down , though not a lot and finally came my token number and here it goes :

Visa officer , a young and beautiful girl probably less than 30 yrs of age :

vo: good morning

Me: Good morning

vo: Can i have your passport
( handed over)
vo: why do you want to visit USA ?

me: my clothing brand has to participate in a fashion show.
vo: which fashion show
me: Boston Fashion week
vo: where is it ?
me: Boston
( VO typing , typing , typing)

VO: How long have you been running the business ?
Me: 7 years
VO: you own the company since 7 years ?
Me: No , i own the company since 2008 ( meaning since 5 years )
vo: ok
( VO typing , typing , typing)

( My ds160 said i was arrested under PITA act 1956 , two of my factory workers , a male and female were found alone in a locked hall in year 2011 and i was accused and arrested for owning the premises , though i was unaware about the entire situation , i had to mention this on my DS 160 , just to be honest )

vo: you were arrested for harsh driving ?
( Now i dont know she was trying to be clever or she didnt understand the meaning of PITA , Prevention of immoral trafficing act , with words “Traffic” )
Me: No , it was PITA , means some suspicious couple was found in my factory …… and i tried to say more …
VO: ohhh… ok ( i didnt complete my explanation )

vo: What does your father do ?
Me: He has his own business.

( VO typing , typing , typing)

And finally the grand golden words…

VO: Ok sir , i am approving your visa , you will get a message within 2 working days. Thank you

ME: Thank you very much.

and i walked out looking for my phone with a big hidden cheeky smile 🙂 , atlast conquered after 10 years. And yeah the big bunch of documents , photos etc. which i took , she didnt even ask for the invite letter , not a single document.

So the moral of the story and what most of the threads below read is that be very specific to questions , either yes and no , or one liners , no extra information. Dont get nervous and try to get calm , reply honestly and think before replying. Please remember that what you filled in DS 160 should match exactly to what you speak out.

Good luck guys.

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