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jainsachin22 04/19/2013 02:46:06 AM

Hi All,

I got my B1 visa successfully on 18th Apr on my first attempt (I had apply for B1 visa last year also but couldn’t able to appear for interview due to some reason).

On 10th Apr I had my figure print scan from Nehru place Delhi center.
On 18th Apr I have scheduled interview at 9:30 AM and reached 9 AM there, bit of crowdie with 70-80 peoples in one slot.

You will not allowed to take any electronic device like mobile/bag/sharp thing inside except your documents/passport so better not to bring all other stuff but at the first check point they have facility to keep these extra stuff in there locker so you can handle them.

At first check point the security only scan the barcode on your DS 160 and after that you been asked to flow the queue and enter the embassy building.

Here you have to go thru the full body scanning similar to the airport check in where you were asked to put your Document/purse/keys in bucket to go thru the scanner.

After this you will come to another counter where you will be providing a token number. There are lots of LCD screen mounted all over there which were flashing the current token number of applicant’s whose interview was going on at Visa councilor counter.

Now I come to another Hall where I have to undergo figure scanning once again to match with my Nehru place figure prints. Then finally I was at the place where the entire applicants were sitting on chairs in front of VO glass window. There are screen above the VO window flashing the current and next queued applicants’ standing in a line similar we take ticket at any movie hall ?.

I waited for my turn which was according to our token number, even if you miss your turn then asked the attended there they will arrange in between.

Now comes my turn, a girl standing in front of me and she got her visa, so I thought in my mind that I wouldn’t be getting as they might have this ratio to give one in 4 or 5.

Me: Good Morning officer. (Gave my passport to her)
VO: Good Morning.

She scanned my token slip.

VO: Who is sponsoring your Trip?
Me: xxx India Pvt Ltd Mam. (My employer in India)

VO: (surprisingly) xxx, Why you want to go to US?
Me: Mam, Actually My client yyy Inc has signed some new client in Singapore and India so they want to meet me face to face to discuss their future expansion and product methodologies. (She was just looking into my eyes while I am giving this answer to judge me I think and I also constantly looking her in to eyes while replying.

VO: (typing): Why you have chosen?
Me: Mam I am the senior most person in this project working from almost 1 year and mave 6 years of experience in retail domain.

VO: (typing) What you do in your company?
Me: I am the Team Lead handling my client yyy Inc web development project and mentoring the work of my 4 team members.

VO: How long you want to stay?
Me: only 2 week mam.

And then the golden words, Your visa is approved and hand over me a visa approval card.
Me: Thank you mam.

1) I was wearing formal pant/shirt with a tie.(Not more that 10 % were wearing a tie, I saw a guy who have his sleeves up and his visa was rejected, So its totally my assumption the your presentation mattered a lot as they have just few seconds to judge you, my interview just last for 20-25 sec).
2) I am the only person there having my company ID around my neck.
3) Remember confidence is the key I had prepared answer of these usual questions but I forgot the exact word so I gave them answer which actually happening in my project in plain simple words.
4) Don’t get confused and don’t create answer in front of VO as in this case you will stammer and make VO confused.

Best of luck to others.

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