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Hi All

First of all, a huge thanks to all memebers in this forum who shared their experiences here. It was the best learning.
Don’t overdo it. Just read the first few pages one day before you’re going. It’s the best training you can ever get.

My OFC was on 7th May.
It was pretty straight forward. Too many people come in 1 hour early. Just be there ten mins before hand.
If your appt is at 9, they will call you in sharp at 9. It doesn’t matter if you come in 2 hours early.

Please do not take any bags or electronics to both OFC and the Visa. I had a tough time because of this…trying to keep my bag outside. Had to leave it unprotected on my bike unprotected. Thankfully it was there when I came back 😛

Just take the necessary docs alone. Passport, DS160 and appt confirmation.
OFC process is pretty straight forward. It will end in 15 mins. You’ll get a stamp on ur DS160 from here.

Visa Consulate
Best experience ever. Was there just ten mins before hand. Don’t bother going in early in the hot sun. There’s no point anyway.

Again don’t take any thing on you other than documents.
No wallets – just carry some cash 100rs should do
No cellphones – they have a facility to keep these but better to not take it
Note: there will be auto guys and other local people saying they have a token system for your valuables. Although they are genuine, they charge you 100 bucks for it. Instead, the consulate itself has a cart outside, where u can keep your pen drives, mobile phones etc. But even for this, you have to stand in a queue, get sent out by the security, then stand in another queue for the cart guy to give you a token. Better to avoid all this BS
dont take any liquid medicines, chewing gum, sealed envelopes, CDs (photo CDS are not allowed inside dont take it), body lotion, children’s medication, chapstic etc

Chit chat with people in the queue. They talk about them, you talk about yourself. If the person seems positive keep talking, else stop talking to them. They could totally ruin your mood.

Long queue, security frisking, then you get to show your passport and DS160 and appt confirmation
They will stick the token number on ur passport and send you in

Here they will check your documents
No sealed envelopes. Open them all. Or you will be asked to do it
I had a CD …I was asked to go out and give it to the cart guy
I waited in a queue for half hour till he said they dont take CDs and I had to just trash it
Unnecessarily got delayed by half hour here

Security will check your docs thoroughly – No electronics – ipods, pendrives, externals etc
Then once they let you in, the will ask u to stand in a queue

Finger prints will be done here. Then they will ask you to go to the next building.
Its a hall full of people and you might feel a little shy cuz everyone can hear what you and your VO will be talking about

Get used to the system. There’s a bit of a waiting here.
They will flash your token number on the TV. Wait for your turn.

I overheard some convos with VO and applicants

Last time you applied for 3 months. Now you are applying for 1 month.
*astonished*You sold paint and your company gave you a leisure trip? How much paint did you have to sell for that?
Have you had trouble with the police in India? Applicant -> yes, just once for a menial….blah

Most often repeated questions

Why are you going to the US
How long
Why so long?
Why were you chosen for this
Will you be working there

I rehearsed my answers to these questions in my head, everytime I overheard someone being asked

Then I got my number on the TV and went to the window

Read in this forum that, if your VO is a middleaged American guy, you’re in luck. It was true.

I had an american guy. 5 people ahead of me
1. Husband and wife, middle aged – Pinkslipped
2. Young guy late 20s rejected with this –> “Visa is approved – I have no problem in approving your visa but you have applied for the wrong category. If you reapply I will happy to approve your visa. seems like you have already been to the US so you should know this”
3. Young girl with mother – approved
4. Unconfident guy in 20s – Rejected No questions
5. Myself – approved as below

I was wearing my company tag. Its an international MNC

VO: Oh you work for XXX?
Me: Yes I do

VO: passport please
Me: Gave it

VO: How long have you been with them?
Me: 3.5 years

VO: and you will be going to the US for?
Me: Conference on XXX

VO: How long is the conference?
Me: 2 days

VO: How long will you be staying?
Me: 1 week

Then the golden words “Your visa is approved. Have a nice stay”

No documents required, no further questions.

Here are some tips I got mostly in this forum and worked out in my favor

1. Smile and be confident
2. Be genuine. Look at the VO in the eye. Mostly they look at you
3. Keep your docs super intact – have proof for everything – makes u feel 100% confident even if they are not going to ask for it
4. Dress well. Tie/Blazer anything that makes u look professional. Don’t roll up your sleeves. Treat this like a job interview
5. Don’t ask for too long. Then they will ask you unnecessary questions. Best bet to ask for 1 week on a B1. Ask for 1 week. Ensure this matches your DS160. Your DS160 and the days of stay when you tell the VO should either be in sync or u should request for lesser number of days than mentioned in your DS 160.
6. Thank the officer while leaving. Don’t get too excited and forget to thank.
7. Don’t be jumpy, nervous or shifty while standing in the queue.
8. wait behind the line in the queue. after the other guy is done, they will ask you to come up. Wait for them to call you. Don’t rush into the window as soon as the other guy leaves. wait for them to call you.

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