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Jag- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 10/17/2012 09:46:00 AM

I had a pleasant experience with the entire interview process.

First of all, My company is part of the BEP program. So we requested looked for an appointment on 9th October and the next available slot was 16th October. We had to block 2 appointments 1.) at Mumbai for Biometrics and 2) for the interview.

October 15, 2012. – 8:30 AM appointment time. (Mumbai, few blocks away from the embassy)

I went there by 8:15. Usual security checks and them walked straight to the counter. Trained staffs guide you well through the entire process. Gave my finger prints and they took a picture.
Finally the person made a OFC stamp on my DS160 and Appointment letter. and thats it. I am out by 8:30 AM.

October 16, 2012 – 9:30 AM appointment.
I was there an hour early. I was let in 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. First the security checks the appointment letter and lets you into the embassy.

We were asked to wait in the waiting area. A representative recorded our presence in his roster sheet and scanned the barcode from the DS160. then he let us in through the Security gate.

Security gate – Remove, belt, walltet, watch and anything metal. (Allowed to wear the chain and rings)., then the usual metal detector checks and you are in. (No sealed envelopes, Pendrives or CDs)

Walked in to the first counter, a lady arranged all my documents in order, stapled it and guided me to a counter for document verification. The person in the counter verified everything and asked me to go to counter 9 for verifying Biometrics. Left had 4 fingers and you are done.

Next guided to waiting area where they give you the token and staple the same to the passport with other documents.

My token flashes and I go to counter 13.

VO – Hi
Me – Hi, How are you.
VO – I am doing well thanks, How about yourself?
Me – Good thanks.
VO – Why are you travelling to the US?

VO – Whom do you work for?

VO – How much do you make?>

VO – Oh, I see that you lost your passport, did it have a U.S Visa?

VO – Have you travelled outside India ever before?

VO – How long have you been with your company?

VO – What did you do before you joined this company?

VO – Your visa is approved. We have new methods to track your passport (Hands out a Passport trackng instructions sheet),

VO – Thank you, You have a good day.


Be confident, Be genuine and you will be through.

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