Siva- ()       01/17/2011 06:40:06 AM

I’m really thankful to this site & who wrote their experience here…

I had my Iv on 12 Jan 2011 in mumbai

V.O: Good Morning Sir
Me: Good Morning Madam.
VO: Thanks, Which place are you going in US?
VO: Are you going for gathering requirements or do knowledge transfer?
Me: Answered. (if you applied for B1 tell KT, dont tell going for req.)
VO:What is your highest education qualification?
Me: Answered.
VO: (She entered somthing in the keyboard and said your visa granted, you will get with in 3 4 days)

In my exp, the VO is very cool and asked direct questions with louder voice.

Good luck for everyone…


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