murali- () 07/19/2010 06:34:08 AM


Hi I got my B1 VISA approved. Iam very thankful to this Web Sire. It is very informative.

The Question were like this.
VC : Good Morning
MW : Good Morning Sir

VC : Where are u going?
Me : I answered in a confident manner

VC : Purpose of I visit?
ME : Business Meeting

VC : How lonmg u r working in this company?
Me : Answere abt the present exp & of Previois employment also.

VC : Ur VISA is approved is approved.
ME : Said thank u & left.

Iam very happy for getting the VISA.
As i had only one name and no surname i was tensed. infuture if a person who ever does not have a second name. Example in my Passport my First name is Murali and no surname. but while filling the Form i had mentioned my First Name as FNU (First NAme Unknown) and last name as Murali.

Be confident while giving answer, Be in a formal dress as u r going for B1 VISA.

You can clear it

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