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i had read all the experiences in this site , it helped me clear the interview wit ease

My interview was scheduled at 7.30 in the morning

Me:Hi,Good Morning
Vo:Good Morning,how are u doing?
Me:Am doing great, how about u ?
Vo:good, why do u want to go to USA
me:answered (training in my case)
Vo:who will the training help u ?
Vo:who will train u?
Vo: where is the training going to be held?
me:told the city and the state
Vo:For how long are u working for XXX
Me:x years xx months
Vo:what does XXX company do?
Me: answered
Vo:who are ur clients what do they do
me: answered appropraitely
Vo: what kind fo training is it, is it am on job training or classroom training
Me:it is purely a classroom oriented training( this question was important as v are not supposed to work on a B1 visa)
Vo:ur visa has been approved
Me:Thank You( with full joy, that was the only thing that i wanted to hear from him :))

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