F1 visa interview questions Mumbai consulate

Client Profile: Client is a 22 year old, single female who completed civil engineering in 2015 and wanted to pursue Masters in Information System in USA. 

Appointment Date : July 2016
Medium :

CG : Good Morning Officer !
VO : Good Morning (takes the passport).

VO : Why are you going to this particular university ?
CG : As per my previous qualifications and the scope of Information Systems ….[ As per AVS training ]

VO : Who is sponsoring this education ?
CG : Family & Bank loan..Showed the documents prepared by AVS

VO : Congratulations ! Your Visa has been approved.
SPD : Thank you


The key to crack student visa interview is to have your documentation prepared by experts and have clarity of the actual reason why you are going to USA to study on F1 Visa.