Exchange from B2 to H1B status while B2 extension is pending



My B2 visa period ended in April.

I filed for extension in march and now I am awaiting the proceesing. In mean time I found a job and my offering institution filed in my behalf for H1B with premium processing. (takes aproximately 2 weeks to be processed)

If the H1B is processed before the B2 and i get approved and after a wile i get denied the B2 extension what happens with my H1B status ? Do they terminate my B2 application automatically or they will process separately. Anyone has any opiion or experience in this situation?

AVS Answer:

It is most likely that you will have to travel back to your country for H1 Stamping.
here is why,

1. Even if your H1 gets selected in lottery, you will not be able to work on it until October 1st,
2. Since you had filed for extension of your B2, i doubt the company filing your H1 could do a change of status.
3. If you get a denial on your B2 extension. you will be in a more awkward position during your H1 Interview.

The only way all this might work out positive for you is that you get 1 year B2 extension. (which is highly doubtful) and then the employer files for change of status.

My suggestion… if your H1B premium has been selected in lottery and you have got your approval back to your country and get h1 stamping to come back in October !!

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