c1d visa applying for US b1b2 visa interview questions


ClientProfile : Has family consisting of parents, wife, two children and an aunt. Earns well and has secured properties. He is a crew and has had two C1/D visa, the latest being active.

Well traveled, well spoken and a wine connoisseur.

RK : Good Morning Officer !

VO (Male) : Good Morning ! May I see your passport ?


RK : Here ! (hands over the passports)

The officer types something on his system.

VO : Oh ! You have C1/D Visas here. And I can see you have been to Brazil.

Which Company do you work for ?

RK : I am working with Cunard Cruiselines.


VO : Where is it based ?

RK : It is a UK based Company.


VO : Since how many years have you been working as a crew ?

RK : Since last 7 years.


VO : So why are you going to USA ?

Ans : I have been to USA many times but haven’t got the opportunity to stay back and explore. I have my birthday coming up so I would definitely love to be in New York and celebrate with some friends.


VO : Oh I see. Are your friends accompanying you in this trip ?

RK : No they will join me there.


VO : I see you have done medicals (there was a page in his passport). When are you resuming back ?

RK : On March 8th.


VO : Your Visa has been approved. Enjoy your stay there.

RK : Thank you Sir !


AVS Comments: C1D visa holders who have not violated the rules of their visa stand a very good chance of getting the b1b2 visa approved. With efficient training and form filling by AVS, we guarantee to reduce the chance of rejection.

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