I had the interview in morning today at 8.00 and it went so much easier and faster.

First my Background:
I run a small company with turnover of around 50 lacs. Been to Japan last year on technical training. No other visas.
I applied for a B1 visa to attend a conference.

I came an hour early and to my surprise there were around 50 people already there. The guards opened the gates at 7.30 and let only the people with appointment between 7 and 8 am. Then it was waiting in queue for form and photograph check, then security check ( To my surprise everybody carried mobiles but had to leave them at security counter itself)
Then the fingerprinting formalities and then came the agonising wait in queues as the consulars didn’t come before 8.45 am.

The interview was very smooth. Questions asked:

1)Why are you going to USA
2)What was your company’s profit last year
3)Which all places have you travelled earlier outside india and why.

I gave straight forward answers in one liners and she said that my visa is granted.

It was so simple. No documents asked for and no grilling at all though i carried more than 5 kgs of documents to support.

My advice:
Speak clear and definitive.
speak with confidence.

************************AVS Notes****************************

Yes, Confidence and clarity are key to success in USA VISA Interview. However please note that having traveled outside India is always a plus.

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