B1 visa Interview of Akhil Chandran


Akhil Chandran

I saw this site yesterday only. I had my B1 Visa interview today morning at 10:30. It happend sharp at 10:30. I reached 1 hour before the interview. My company was into the Business Executive Program(BEP), So the queue was seperate and was small. Interview goes like this:-

Me:- Good Morning Mam
VFO:- Good Morning, How are you
Me:- Doing good Mam
VFO:- What is your gross salary?
Me:- XXX lacs per annum Mam
VFO:- What are you doing?
Me:- Our company is into XXX business and I am into this project
VFO:- Thank You, Your passport will be couriered to your address within 2-3 days.
Me:- Thank you so much Mam.

Dress code is not that important is what I feel. I went without any tie, was wearing a sports shoes. Greet the officer with a pleasant smile, your job is half done. Btw, I saw 2 rejections today in the same line, But dont know exactly what is the reason.

**********************AVS Notes**********************

Congratulations Akhil,
However we would like to emphasize on the fact that dress code does hold a certain value in your USA Visa interview. Kindly understand that unshaved, wearing a t shirt does not make some one look like a business professional.

Although if you are confident enough, you might be able to convince the VO and might get the Visa, but no harm maintaining the dress code.

While applying for Business Visa Interviews for USA, it is important to keep your information updated and well versed

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