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KAD- (guest from mumbai, maharashtra, india) 01/11/2012 23:29:46 PM

Mumbai consulate. Date 11/01/2012 7.45 am

VO: Good morning how are you
Me: replied with a smile.
VO:- What is purpose of your visit
Replied with exact purpose and days intended to stay.
VO:- What is name of your company
VO:- What is your destingnation
VO:- For how long you with the company
VO:- why did the organistation decided to send you now ?
VO- what does your organistation do
I replied in vague manner, i was stopped and asked to be more preciece.

VO:- With a smile, Your visa has been approved.

He didnt even see any of my documents.

Few things which I realised, be specific and confident, answer all the question by looking into the VO eyes. Be confident.

Most of the people, are nervous and talk in a random fashion. which reduced their chances of getting visa.

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