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Had the slot at 0745 hrs, reached the consulate in BKC at around 0730 hrs, huge queue already there. Got inside after 45 minutes:
1. Step 1 – Handover passport and appointment letter at the counter, the person will scan the bar code on the appointment letter and paste a token number on your passport. Collect the passport.
2. Step 2 – Proceed for security check, you have to open you belt, wrist watch amongst other things.
3. Move to the fingerprints counter, have your finger prints taken.
4. Wait for your token number to be displayed on the TVs for your turn and counter number

Proceed for interview, A lady VO:

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning, mam

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: Business purpose, vendor assessment, techno-commercial negotiations, manufacturing facilities to be visited?

VO: Who is your vendor there?
Me: Provided the name and address

VO: Why can’t it happen over conference calls?
Me: Our discussions has to multi-disciplinary, the vendor in US is a big player, we are a relatively new player in the sector, we are not getting the desired band width of attention from them, hence need to meet them in person, further their test procedures are to be witnessed and manufacturing facilities to be physically examined.

VO: What’s the name of your company? How long have you been working there?
Me: Name and duration (4 months)

VO: What was the name of your previous company and designation?
Me: Name and desig

VO: How long you worked with them?
Me: Tenure

VO: What is the longest duration you have worked with a company?
Me: Four years with _____

VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes for over four years

VO: Kids???
Me: Not yet

VO: How long will you stay in US?
Me: Not more than a week

VO: So what’s the plan for the day?
Me: Will finish the visa interview and head to my workplace and will start contributing to the GDP of the nation.

VO: laughs, laughs heartily….

VO: How much do you earn?
Me: Rs. ____ LPA

VO: You are amongst select few I have come across whose compensation in LPA is more than their age.
Me: Thank you mam

VO: Ok, your visa is approved, you will get your passport by courier.

Me: Thanks a lot, ma’m

Dress: Formal, with a tie but there were many without a tie as well
She didn’t look in to any supporting document, not even asked for it. In fact when someone was trying to show the docs, she would say that she would like to hear from you.

Tips: Remain cool, calm and composed. No specific preparation tips. Just spend time thinking through the answers of the possible question while you are waiting for your turn.

Total time of interview: 6 – 7 mins

Wait time at the consulate: 1 hour to enter and 15 mins for interview.

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