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Ashoka- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, india) 08/16/2012 13:12:08 PM

My appointment was scheduled for today(16-Aug-2012) at 7:30 AM.
reached consulate @6:55. As usual there was considerable queue.
After all the formalities(document verification, finger print) I entered next building.

Waited for around 40 mins for my turn. Here goes my interview:

VO was an elderly lady(around 45+)
She was asking way too much questions than any other VO 🙂

My turn:

Me: GM
VO:Ur name?
Me: Told
VO: Company?
VO: What do you do?
Me: Explained about my role
VO: Where are you going?
VO: What kind of training?
Me: Started explaining briefly but she was asking for more hence told a lengthy version of it 🙂
VO: Salary?
Me: X.YZ lpa
VO: Why cant this interview be done here?
Me: Again Explained in detail. Mean time I asked her if she wanted to see my Training schedule.
She said “No”.
VO: Where are you from?
Me: Bangalore
VO: Your address
Me: Gave my complete residential address
VO: Are you going to work US?
Me: No
VO: Do you know if we know that you are working there your visa will be canceled?
Me : Yes I do know that

I have not mentioned 2-3 questions here since they were specific to my project and are confidential
Then atlast after ~15 mins and around 15 questions, she finally said “Your Visa Approved. You will receive it in a week” 🙂
I was out of consulate by 8:45AM.

Pheew quite a long interview I must say. My colleague who was in some other counter also got approval and that too within minutes(hardly 4 questions).

Million Thanks to Immihelp for providing such a huge knowledge base us.
Be confident, keep make eye contact and be honest is what I can say
Best of luck to all the new applicants

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