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Shivtesh Chaturvedi- (guest from Mumbai, MH, India) 08/14/2012 03:31:26 AM

i have done my visa interview preperation only from this site.. i had B1 Visa Interview on 6th aug at Mumbai..
my time slot was 7:45 AM and i reached there around 7:00AM … approx 300 people were standing in a queue .. and i would suggest to keep an umbrela (small is allowed) in rainy season.
after Security check , Token collection and Biometric test . i was waiting for my token number to display on screen.
approx ater an hour waiting my token number was displayed….
Me: Good Morning with Smile
VO: Passsport Please
Me: Yes Please
VO: What is the purpose of you Visit
Me: Explained the purpose in 3-4 sentences with some details about project and whom to meet etc.
VO: why you have visited Israel.
Me: for Business Discussion.
VO: How long you were in Israel.
Me: 2 Weeks
Vo: What Is your Anual Salary .
ME: X Laks YY Thousnad and ZZZ INR
Vo: Smiled.. OK
VO: Where you are going in United States.
Me: …… City ….. State
Vo: When your are going to USa.
Me: … September
Vo: What is your Educational Background.
Me: Mechanical Engineer
VO: Your Visa is Approved Sir..
Me: Thank you have a good day.

based on my experience i would like to suggest you that please work on purpose and have a specific written agenda of your visit. dot get nervous with the rejection rate as every case is the unique case and they are not sitting to reject you… best luck …

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