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Chandra- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 08/24/2012 04:44:25 AM

My interview was scheduled in Mumbai for the 7:45 slot on 24th Aug. As expected the document verifications and the bio metric scans , took up majority of the time.

I saw two rejections before me, and I crossed my fingers :). My token was displayed on the same counter wher I saw rejections.

Me : Goodmorning
VO : Goodmorning how r u?
Me : I’m finr hw abt u
VO : very good 🙂 thanks for askin
VO : Lets finish this up soon. So u going to XXX state

VO : What will you be doing ther
ME: Told the purpose of my visit, but the VO looked in a bit of a hurry, and I had mentioned that I’m going for migration project. He repeated my purpose saying -ok so u r going for migration pjt 🙂

VO: What is the duration of your stay
ME : 4 weeks

VO : Whats your role
ME : Told my designation. He was just expecting the designation and nothing else

VO: What isthe team strength in India
ME:Told the number of ppl in my ojt

VO: what is the team strength in US
ME : Told the team strenth of my pjt in US


My Take: Please don’t get tensed or worried seeing the rejections. Every case is unique, and as someone has posted here- the VO’s are nt there to reject you. If there is nothing wrong in ur application, and you appear confident and answer coherently, there should be nothing to stop you from getting the visa.

Concentrate on the Purpose of visit question, do not mention anything which would suggest that you are going there for productive work. Give them wide smile like this 🙂 and remember that the only preparation which you need to do is – being confident.. that is all really that matters.

I would like to thank this site for the huge knowledge base 🙂 the experiences posted here have been very helpful in the interview preparation:)

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