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jai- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 08/29/2012 11:03:56 AM

I am sharing my interview experience ,unfortunately I cudn’t make it.
My appointment was scheduled at 7.45am for 28th Aug. I reached consulate at 7.00am.
After all formalities doc verification, finger print etc. I reached to VO for interview-
Me: GM !!
VO: GM!!

VO: Passport please
Me : I have given my passport to her.

VO: which company do you work for?
Me: told my company name

VO: How long you are working with company?
Me: More than 2 years .

VO: What is ur salary?
Me: told annual gross salary .

What is purpose of visit?
Me: Technical discussions & training.

VO: Have you ever been travelled outside India?
Me: I said NO.

VO: Are you married?
Me: No , I am single.

Then she started writing & handed me 214 b.

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