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Rahul- (guest from mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

10/07/2012 10:34:11 AM

Hi Friends,

First of all,Thanks to this site for availing the opportunity to share the experience.
I had my B1 visa interview on Sep 06 at 08:00 AM ,chennai.As usual,there are enough number of people and formalities.
After finishing the formalities,Waiting for my turn….Here it goes…..,

Me : good morning,Madam
VO :Good monring,how are you
Me;fine,how are you
Vo:I’m good,thanks.Why are you going to USA
Me:told the reason
Vo:How long are you going to stay
Me:Told two months
Vo:your designation Please
Me:software engineer….
Vo:Your visa is approved.and you will get within 4 days…

Very nice and cool interview with just 3-4 questions……

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