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r10y 03/06/2013 11:57:26 AM

One thing which I would like to emphasize is.. If I can get B1, anybody can get it!.

College dropped, only high school, joined this organisation just 5 months before, I have 8 months gap between the current and previous employer. Hope all this is enough for the rejection.

Filled my DS and after confirming I realised that I forgot to mention all my employer details, so created a new DS with all same information but added one more employer.

My biometric was at 28th Feb 10 am Chennai. Took my bike as I started from home only by 8.50am and reached OFC by 9.50. Many were standing in the big queue, but I just walked to the gate and told the security 10am interview, he allowed me in.

Please don’t take all your documents, just your ds160, appointment confirmation, payment receipt, valid passport, 2 US visa photographs (They will not ask for your photographs, it is only if the camera doesnt works).

No hurry even if you are late they will allow you in, but if you come late you will get tensed and you will look terrible and your Visa photo will not look good LOL… Use the restroom to refresh and wash your face.

Security check, they will stick the barcode in your passport, token will be issued and when your turn comes they will take your finger prints, photographs and scan your passport and ds160.

Visa Interview on 4th March 7.30 am. (I always think that 4 is an unlucky number and I will never do any important things on this date).

Left home by 6am, as there is no proper parking facility, I parked my Car in my friends place which is very close to the Embassy and handed over the keys also to my friend. Kept my Mobile and Wallet in the car itself.

Many says don’t carry all the documents, but I will say carry sufficient supporting documents as it will give you the confidence that you can justify any questions.

Many says don’t wear a tie or suit, but I purchased a white shirt 12 hours before the Interview and went with a tie, which eventually gave a professional look and I was looking stunning lol.

Reached the embassy by 7am sharp and the queue started to move, got into a conversation with a person who was standing next to me as I have to kill time and we had some informative chat. 7.50 they sticked the token number on my passport. After the security check you will have to go to the left hand side. It was exactly like A/C waiting hall with LCD TV and counters.

Wait this is not the actual Interview, my token number was called, An Indian guy who asked me to show my passport, Visa Invitation, DS confirmation and he asked where is the hard copy of the Visa Invite, I said it is still on the way, he gave me a sarcastic look and asked me to go the next counter, An American lady who scanned my passport and ds160 and returned it back and said go the next building.

Here comes the actual Interview, A big row of too many counters, Almost all the counters were busy. I had no fear and I was not at all nervous, I am sure my dressing gave me a good confidence and my documents and I was well prepared.

Almost every one was granted a visa and especially a counter close to me was approving almost all the visas but asking too many questions (2 minutes atleast). I was praying that I should go that counter but I was called at a different counter and I was so eager to see the face of my VO :P. Luckily, he was a cool chap early 30’s or may be late 20’s no idea.

I waited as he was busy with his system, he said come forward sir.

V.O: Can you hear me? (He just switched on the mike, so he wanted to check)

Me: Yes, sir. Am I audible?

VO: Yes, How are you doing?

Me: Doing great, how you doing?

VO: Where are you going?

Me: SF

VO: Why?

Me: To attend a conference.

VO: What conference?

ME: Explained in 20 words exactly and I stopped as VO was busy typing something, I am sure he didn’t googled.

VO: He come on continue

Me: Then told him it is the best chance for me to grow my network

VO: Who all comes to that conference

Me: Told him what type of companies come (not more than 10 words again)

VO: Which Company you said?

Me: Told my company name

VO: So what you guys do?

Me: Mobile applications

VO: Mobile applications? Interesting. (VO started typing again something very fast, and I was just looking at him with a lil smiling face, please dont turn your head, just look at your VO’s face.)

VO: And what are you?

Me: I am into sales, business development.

VO: How long you are staying?

Me: 6 days

VO: Alright sir, (He raised his hand which had my passport, he showed the passport to me and said the golden words, I am approving your visa sir.

Me: Thank you. (I wanted to ask how many years, but then realised not to stand even for a second, What if the VO mind changes and call me back lol, so left the building immediately.)

Picked my passport today (i.e the 2nd day and I was so happy to see 10 years m entries)

Note: Don’t ask for 6 weeks, 8 weeks, ask for 1 or 2 week, anyways they gonna offer you a year or 10 year visa.

Please be very slow when you fill your DS 160.

I almost read all the experiences in immihelp, which actually gave me the various scenarios and during all this process it was not at all new for me, as immihelp experience gave me a clear idea how things works.

Be serious, as this Interview might change your life and don’t worry if it fails as you will get something better. I had too many failures in my life and this was my only success.

Good luck guys, feel free to ask questions, I would love to help you all..

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