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Pls find below my experience for getting B1 Visa

I had my OFC earlier @ Chennai – cenatoph Road – 8.30 A.M. – Got over very quickly. Simple process , they will take your photo and fingerprints. You can carry mobile phone , but needs to be switched off.
Documents Required
DS-160 confirmation page
Appointment confirmation page

8th Mar 2013 – Appointment Time 8.30 A.M. – Joined the Que @ 7.15, they r sending in batch wise , first batch – 7.30 , next 8 and then 8.30 …
You can carry mobile phones , but there is a seperate counter for keeping the mobile in the locker, better to avoid
mobile since it will consume your time.

Step1 – Security Check

Step2.1 – Verification Counter – In the passport front side they will stick your token number, where you need to watch the big TV for the allocation of the respective counter against your token number.

Step2.2 – In the same lobby , they will do the finger print in another counter

Step 3 – Walked inside to reach the interview location. Looking in the big TV screen for the allocation of the counter

VO asked only few questions

Which company?
How long you are going to stay?
What is the purpose of the visit?

Then,he said your visa is approved. VO kept the passport with him.

Enquired with the support staff people there, for the document delivery. If we want to courier the passport to our address, we need to fill a seperated form and pay extra Rs.300 or so for the delivery. Else we can collect it from the pick up location in 2 business days.

Good Luck

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