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Well Wisher- (guest from Mumbai ) 01/02/2013 02:01:03 AM

Hey My Back ground : 8+ yrs in software and travelled two other countries and have BEP.

I went to chennai, Teynampet for OFC.
Day-1 , Time 8.15, Appt Time: 8.30 AM Small Queue
I was 3rd in the queue out side OFC. A person checks his sheet with your interview letter.
Go inside to the Ofiice hand over documents. They will do some check and Then move to one other room where they will again check and will take your foto. All happens in 15 minutes, You are out…

Day 2 – 8.30 interview at Mumbai Consulate
Same way a person comes and checks your name in the intvw letter. Goes into another queue, Then another person puts a seal in to your ds form. Then does a security check. Goes inside the consulate again a security check. After that you were asked to go into q to take your token. You can watch ur token number in the TV kept there. Once you saw it in the TV go to that particlular Q and they will arrange the documents for the real intvw. Go to next building. Watch the TV , same token number displays then move to the right Q for the intvw. You can see and hear what the officer asking to other ppl.
Normal Q’s discussed here is more than enough to prepare. I felt like i am booking a railway ticket as simple as…

Good Luck…

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