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Neo- (guest) 01/06/2013 10:10:55 AM

B1/B2 interview experience @ Mumbai — 2nd week of Dec 2012

Things I carried to Consulate:
Passport (took my old passport also), DS 160 conf, Fee receipt, docs — all in a transparent file.
Normal file is allowed though, better to take a transparent file.
Hotel key, currencies — didn’t take wallet, mobile.

Interview was at 8.00 am, reached there @ 7.45 am as i knew the place well and
the hotel where i stayed was near by – walking distance to the Consulate.
15 mins prior to interview schedule is good enough if your are staying near by and know the place well.

@US Consulate:
Outside queue and security check – 20 mins.
Inside first hall – passport check and finger print – 30 mins
Interview hall – waited for 15 mins.

In the interview hall, i was able to hear the questions as one of the VO was speaking loudly.
When my token was displayed, went to the counter.

VO was a woman.
Before me, there was h1/h4 interview – it was approved.
Next mine, gave the passport to VO

1. Which place you are visiting in US?
–City/County, State.(I’m Visiting Bay Area, CA)
2. For what purpose?
–Mentioned briefly. Say whats mentioned in your invite letter.
3. Which company you are working?
4. What does your company do?
–Answered in a line.
5. Are you visiting your parent company in US?
6. For how long you will be there in US?
–2 weeks. Say whats mentioned in your invite letter.
7. Is this the first time your applying visa to US?
8. What is your experience in this company?
–X years, Y months. I had 3+ years exp – a plus point
9 What is your salary pa?
10. Will you be doing productive work in US?
11. Can I see your invite letter?
–She saw the some thing (purpose and duration of stay, i guess)
and returned back the invite letter.

And the Great words:
Your visa is approved …

The interview was over in a minutes time.

1. Be cool and keep answers short.
2. Don’t worry about your minus points, they may never be asked at all, be well prepared though.
My brother is in US, I was single, these questions were not asked.
3. Wish the VO, say thank you when the interview is done, no matter
whether your visa is approved or denied or put on hold – be calm always.
4. Pray to god and believe in yourself.

Asked for passport delivery form at the help desk in the Interview hall
and submitted my office address. Other wise you will have to go to VFS pick-up point
to collect your passport.

Got the passport delivered to my hometown – Bangalore in 3 days.

Have a Good Luck!

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