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Logu- (guest from Mumbai ) 04/14/2012 16:16:31 PM

Dear Friends,

As u all aware of that visa approval is based on 100% of luck…..
I have applied visa first time by dec 2010 and It got rejected by not even asking a single question, just becoz my employer keep on sending people to U.S.

But, recently i joined in to the major IT player in India and I had a chance to go for KT.

April 12 I had visa interview at Mumbai u.s embassy…

She asked just 5 questions below……

1. Tell Abt ur previous empolyer…
2. Reasons for earlier rejections…
3. why r u going to u.s?
4. who is sponsoring ur trip?
5.wr u will stay at u.s?
6. duration of ur stay..

….. after few seconds typing with her system…. she revealed the secret and most expected word in my life… “ur visa has been approved and u will get it through courier within a week…

I said thanks a ton with smile…….

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