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vijay- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 04/28/2012 14:08:16 PM

I am working as a Team Leader(System Analyst) in an Indian IT company. I was in 7:45 AM slot. I reached there at 7:30. I knew that mobile was not allowed so i kept that at home only while going. Then i went inside the consulate and after that they took the application barcode printout and pasted a sticker on passport. Then i went inside main hall where fingerprints were taken. Then i waited for by token number which was getting displayed on many TV screens.

While I was searching for my window number, i got 2-3 mins late since there are 12-14 windows and all tourists/students/B1/B2 are processed from those counters only. Then i came at my designated window. 2 guys were in front of me. Both were for B1 Visa only and they got rejected. Then came my turn. The Visa officer was a beautiful slim lady wearing a shawl since she was feeling cold due to Air conditioning.

VO means Visa Officer

VO: Your Passport please
ME: (I gave my passport from below the Glass) Good Morning
VO: Good Morning, Where were you I was looking out for u(looking at my token number from my passport she came to know i was a bit late and did not come when she called my number)
Me: (I gave no reply here, stood still)
VO: Which company u are working
ME:told her company name
VO: Are you going alone?
Me: Yes i will be going alone
VO: What is the duration of your visit
ME: 2 Weeks
VO: Why are you going there
ME: For Business Meetings with users.
VO: Who are the users?
ME: Users are those people who use our applications.
VO: I know what are users, tell me who are they?
ME: They are from Supply chain department
VO:After 2 weeks what will you do?
ME:After 2 weeks i will come back and train the offshore team so that they can support the client from here itself
VO:Your visa got approved. You will get your passport within 2 business days using courier
ME: Thanks, Have a great day.

One thing that helped me i think is the short duration of 2 weeks, since one of my senior colleagues in company had applied for 4 to 6 weeks in DS-160 form, but it got rejected. Know your DS-160 form well.

one issue i faced is that Visa officer looks at her monitor and says something, but we cant hear that sometimes since her mic is a bit away. So better to look at her lips when she says and say sorry could you please repeat the question if you are not able to hear the question.

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