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Mahendra- (guest from Mumbai, MH, India) 05/04/2012 07:07:33 AM

First I would like to thanks this site and all those who have shared their visa interview experience. It really helped me.

Here is my experience, I attended B1 visa interview on 2-May I would more share do’s and dont’s bcos interview questions are preety same for everyone.

– Never use generic terms like business meetings, requirement gathering, knowledge transfer. You need explain genuine and very specific reason/purpose of your visit.
– Try to be as natural as you can
– Be relaxed and honest(very imp)
– Keep eye contact with VO even if he is not looking at you
– Do not by heart anything bcos if you even forget one word you will be stuck there and you will loose your confidence.
– Wear formal dress code which suits you most. Tie is not very much required.
– Convey your purpose and ties with your country very confidently but in polite way, dont be aggresive here
– Do not try to convence VO but try to explain it well
– There might be some idle time between two question, dont be quete that time, use that slot to explain more.
– Try to submit evidences like invite letter agenda(VO might not accept it. just try once) atleast he will be aware that you have it ready with you.

Remember VO is not sitting there to reject your application but to validate if you are the right person to get visa. If you can proove you are genuine, you will surerly get the visa.

Below are question asked to me for second attempt.

VO : Good Morning
ME : Good Morning Sir
VO : Why you are going there?
ME : Explained purpose very specically but in detail
VO : Which co you work for?
ME : answered
VO : Why cant you do it from here through video conference
ME : Explained reasons very confidently
VO : Your Annual Income?
ME : Answered
VO : Your designation
ME : Answered
VO : Are you single or married?
ME : Here dont only reply Yes or No, if you are married tell him/her for how many years you are married, if you have kids tell him how old they are(It shows your ties with your country)
VO : Your visa is issued, you will get it in couple of days.
ME : Thank you sir, have a nice day

Be confident, dress well, be honest, be explanatory but specific and you will get your visa.

All the best.


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