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Ram- (guest from Mumbai ) 07/30/2012 05:34:48 AM

VO: Hi
Me: Hi

VO: Give me your passport and application
Me: Given

VO: What is your purpose of visit?
Me: Started my explanation…but in between he stopped and moved to next question

VO: What is the duration of stay?
Me: Two weeks

VO: Is there any chances of extension?
Me: No, two weeks should be OK for me

VO: Who is your Client?
Me: Told my client company name

VO: Can you please spell it?
ME: Spelled

VO: Are you going to work there?
Me: No

VO: Any plans to pursue H1?
Me: No

VO: If you have provided any false information then you might not get back to your country
Me: I understand

VO: You will get your passport in couple of days
Me: Thank you

My understanding for success:
Your designation must match your visit purpose, a good salary / strong tie-ups with home country for ex. Family, children, property etc. should help. A clear message must be passed on that you don’t have any intensions to work over there now or in future.
Every case is unique, so don’t think about the counter numbers or the results of other person in front of you.
I strongly suggest from the time you enter the consulate until you meet the Visa Officer, just focus on only yourself…your preparation, don’t try to discuss with others and their experiences or try to get more information… because there is a risk of somebody scare you with some information. If you believe you are very strong and only will take the positives and ignore the negatives then you can talk to others.
But the key is…just focus on your case ONLY and be CONFIDENT.
VERY IMPORTANT: If you are tensed, nervous…do some breathing exercise…take a deep breath, hold for some time, and release slowly…repeat this until you are comfortable.

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