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bhavikpatel- (guest from Surat, Gujarat, India) 07/30/2012 10:42:24 AM

I am visiting USA to attend a business conference in San Francisco
In 2011, I had applied for VISA for the same conference and got rejected.

Finally, My B1/B2 visa got approved with 10 years validity on 27th July -2012 at Mumbai consulate in second attempt after 1 year
Following are the questions and answers

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning

VO: Passport Please
Me: Sure. ( and gave here passport )

VO: Which company are you working with Sir?
Me: XYZ as MD

VO: How long are you working with XYZ?
Me: 13 Months

VO: What’s your salary?
Me: Apart from having x% of stake in profits, I take y amount per month as a salary.

VO: Why are you traveling to USA?
Me: TO attend a conference called CONFNAME

VO: After typing something and looking at my application in her monitor, oh you are married !!!
Me: Fortunately yes for 3 and half years

VO: Show me your invitation letter
Me: I gave invitation letter, conference payment and registration confirmation email prints, air ticket, hotel booking

VO: How many days?
Me: Conference is from this day to this day but including some site-seeing in beautiful San Francisco it will be exactly 10 days

VO: after looking at pages in my passport ( I have been to Germany ) , What will you get out of this event sir?
Me: Business Networking

VO: Sir your VISA is approved
Me: Thank you

I believe, your designation should match with the purpose and type of visa you have applied for.
Each case is different, the VO approved 2 visas before me and I was 3rd in a row. I am PATEL so again name/surname does not matter.
All the best

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