Visa Approval of Swastik at Mumbai Consulate

I got my B1 Visa approval yesterday. I have been reading up various experiences on immihelp and had been preparing accordingly.

My interview was scheduled at 8.15 AM, and I reached VFS at 7.15 AM. The lounge facilities are good and I would advice everyone to use it. We were transferred to the consulate at 8AM. VFS Lounge users are allowed to jump the normal queue and go in directly. I was inside the consulate by 8.20 AM. Fingerprinting done in 5 mins…and then the wait for the interview.

My number was called in around 10 mins.

Me: Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning, How are you doing?

Me: Fine, Thank You.

VO: Why are you going to the Unites States?
Me: To attend meetings at by Company Headquarters

VO: Oh.. You work for xxx Company, Which division do you handle?
Me: xxx

I tried to show him the invitation letter, he waved them away.

VO: How many employees do you have in India?
ME: xxx

VO: What products do you have?
Me: xxx

VO: How many years in Current company?
Me: 2 Years

VO: and before that?
Me: With xxx in Kolkata

VO: Oh. Are you Bengali? ( He asked me the question in Bengali, which caught me by surprise)
Me: No, But I understand the langauge.

All questions after this were in Bengali

VO: Are you married.
Me: Yes

VO: Since how long
Me: xx

VO: How many Kids?
Me: None

VO: Typing for some time.

VO: Your Visa is Granted. You will receive your passport in 3 days
Me: Thank You

VO: Have a great trip
Me: Thank You

I was out after that, didn’t need to show a single document. I was out of the consulate by 9 AM. I got my passport today and found a 10 year Visa.

Some things which I adhered to.
1. I was in formals
2. I had a tie on. (Please do that if you are going for a Business Visa)

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