Vilas Kadival Business Visa Interview


vilas kadival- ()   11/07/2006 05:56:29 AM


I went to embassy on 2nd Nov and this is what happened

Meeting time: 12:30 PM.
Went to the gate at 11:30 and after getting inside had my docs verified.

By the time I went to the VO, it was past 3:00 pm.
The officer asked following questions to me:

a. What is the purpose of the visit?
b. How long are you associated with this company
c. How long you would stay at US?
d. What training is going to be done there?
e. Why you are required to attend?
f. What happens to the company if you are not there?
g. Do you have a family?
h. Are you planning to work at US?
i. Who is sponsoring for your visit?
j. Is it confirmed or you are yet to purchase the ticket?

He did not ask for any documents but said that he is issuing me 10 year multiple entry visa.

Hope this helps

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