USA Visitors Visa Interview of Parents


USA B1B2 Visa Interview of Parents when son on f1 visa

Our client a government employee was with his wife as a housewife and his son in USA on student visa wished to apply for USA tourist visa to visit their son. 

Interview Date: January 2023
US Consulate: Chennai

Questions Asked:

  • Why are you going to US ?
  • When do you plan to go ?
  • What does your son do ?
  • Who is sponsoring you ?
  • To Sandhya : So you are  homemaker ?
  • To Vijay : What do you do ?
USA visa agents AVS had provided training on the exact questions and helped the family to best answer the above questions. The visitor visa for the family was approved. 


US Consulate Chennai update: 

There was a lot of rush about 90%were students, and H1s and hardly B1/B2. All counters had officers.

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